Outdoor Apex Hockey Rules of Conduct

1 – Games are 3 periods with 15 min running time, clock may stops during the last minute if necessary

2 – Games may have to be adjusted or cancelled due to extreme weather condition.

3 – Every attempt will be made to reschedule.

4 – 3 points for a win, 2 points for a shootout win 1 point for shootout loss. 0 +/-

5 – Shoot outs 3 man/women followed by alternating sudden death shoot out. Just like in the “BIGS”

6 – Major penalties or minors with any aggression may be game ejections..Review may take place for tourney ejection.

7 – Teams should be no more than 13 skaters and a goalie. Please have some level of responsibility for your players on and off the ice. Food and beverage vouchers are for a maximum of 13 skaters and a goalie.

8 – Minor penalties are a penalty shot or loss of possession at ref’s discretion.  Coincidental penalties, sit till the ref says you can come back. Do it again and you may be asked to go for a beer…

9 – Ref may award possession of puck instead of penalty shot for a minor offence that are not scoring plays

10 – Full equip. must be worn. Bring sunglasses. Snow shovels provided if it snows. Games may be cancelled due to rain. (It has rained on us once or twice before) every attempt will be made to play games.

11 – Games may be shortened to fit in all tournament games. If it snows heavy games may be two 15 min periods with a snow clean in between the two periods.

12 – Tie break, record against each other if two teams tied. Goals for and against, goals against then goals for, then goals for divided by goals against.

13 – Any teams trying to sell a day pass will be tossed from the tourney. These are for players. Apex expects to sell passes to your family members.

14 – Registration will take place at your first scheduled game or call me on my cell. 250-490-5354 If possible, please provide a local # while registering. We may need to reach you. Your waiver form must be handed in before your first game.

15– No slap shots. A slap shot is defined as: a shot directed at the goal with the shooters stick leaving the ice before contact. This will be at the discretion of the Ref. Likely no penalty just possession unless it is deemed excessively dangerous.

16 – No Body checking. This will also be at the ref’s discretion. If with aggression a game ejection may result.

17 – There are no off sides or icing. If the goalie freezes the puck, Ref will blow whistle and let defending team have room to begin play. Referee will give possession at his discretion on any play.

18 – Party hard… Play easy