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Apex Hockey revolutionizes hockey training through cutting-edge biomechanics, sport science, and on-ice technology. Since 2016, we've honed our approach from youth camps across North America to partnerships with NHL teams. Headquartered in Ottawa and Los Angeles, our team, composed of former players turned experts, integrates the latest research, technology, and on-ice experience to create the ultimate athlete performance platform, catering to players from traditional hockey hubs to emerging communities across North America.

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Elevate your hockey game with Apex Hockey's evidence-based coaching methods. We go beyond talent and motivation, utilizing research in the fields of biomechanics and exercise science to enhance skaters' performance. Our coaches work to improve posture, balance, vision and cognition, and reaction skills, ensuring our clients become high-performance hockey players on the ice.

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At Apex Hockey, we elevate hockey skills training with a cutting-edge, evidence-based coaching approach. Powered by the study of movement biomechanics and exercise science, we propel skaters toward becoming high-performance hockey players.

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Our coaching paradigm is anchored in evidence-based practices, drawing on extensive research in biomechanics and exercise science. This ensures that our clients not only excel on the ice but also evolve into high-performance hockey players through a scientifically proven coaching system.

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We're on the cutting edge of hockey skills development, merging passion with precision. Our commitment to high-performance training is amplified by the latest in cutting-edge technology, ensuring every player experiences a revolutionary blend of science, skill, and innovation on the ice. Step into a new era of hockey excellence with us, where technology meets unparalleled training expertise.

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Apex Hockey is on a mission to expand its elite hockey skills training classes and camps, and we need your help to make it happen in your city. Be a catalyst for excellence by assisting us in your community. Your support is the key to bringing the highest quality coaching and development opportunities to young athletes in your area. Join forces with us to create an unforgettable experience for aspiring players, and let's pave the way for a new standard of hockey excellence in your city. Bring Apex Hockey to your city and be a part of the future of hockey training.