Hockey is one of the most dynamic, fastest-moving sports in the world, and that doesn’t stop at the final whistle. Apex Hockey works with the most innovative tech companies, academic researchers, equipment manufacturers, coaches and sports scientists to accelerate players into the future of the game. Hockey tech is still in its infancy, but we’ve been pushing the limits for years. Get on the ice with us and skate into the future.

The technology


Apex Hockey is the industry leader in using 3D motion capture technology to quantify and enhance skating performance. The system collects kinematic data from hockey players moving in game-simulation environments. Our proprietary analysis lets our coaches turn the raw biometric data into individualized training interventions so every athlete can achieve the highest levels of movement quality.

the technology


Our foot pressure mapping tech provides detailed information for foot function and skating biomechanics analysis. The system captures force values transferred from the kinetic chain, through the skate and into the ice. Improved force production drives greater acceleration, delivering the competitive advantage of greater separation between a player and the opponent. The mapping technology also analyzes plantar pressure patterns and calculates how the center of pressure moves within the skate, factors with important effects on skating performance and injury risk for the foot, ankle and shin.

The Technology

Video Analysis

Apex Hockey uses on-ice video technology to analyze posture and skating movement patterns in real-time. This stack of technology and analysis allows our performance coaches to provide instant, personalized technical feedback and instruction, creating an engaging and immersive learning environment for our athletes.