Our Methodology

If you want to become more than just an average player on the ice, you need to take your game to new heights. To be the best, it takes a lot more than talent, drive, and motivation. Here at Apex Hockey, we take hockey skills training to the next level. We offer an evidence-based coaching paradigm that is based on the study of skating biomechanics and sport science to help skaters develop into high-performance hockey players.

Since our beginning, we have pioneered the use of 3D motion capture tech in the hockey industry and captured movement data from some of the world’s best and most successful players in the game. Our coaches work to train and develop our clients’ range of motion, stability, posture, reaction abilities, balance, and visual cognitive skills to transform them into better hockey players on the ice.

How do we do it?

The industry leader in 3d motion capture technology

How do we do that? Apex Hockey is the industry leader in 3D motion capture technology. Through 3D kinetic analysis, foot pressure mapping, and high-speed video we have created a "movement blueprint" of each isolated skating maneuver used in the game of hockey. We then implement personalized training progressions to correct and improve the player's overall movement skills.

Our coaches

World Class Skills Training

Our on-ice performance coaches are the key to our success. Our group of highly skilled hockey development coaches is what gives us our competitive edge over the other hockey training programs in the world. Each client will not only get development training from the best coaches in the industry, but also access to a wealth of knowledge from our team of subject-matter experts.

Learn, Optimize, Improve.

Unlock your true potential

At Apex Hockey, we’ve helped both NHL professionals and elite youth hockey players improve their skills. The science and technology we use is specially designed to help unlock players’ true potential and create elite performers on the ice. If you’re ready to improve the skills that you have and learn the tools to move and skate more efficiently – contact us to learn more!