Adam Linville


Adam Linville | Apex Hockey
Bio / Story

Adam Linville serves as an on-ice performance coach at Apex Hockey, located in St. Louis, Missouri. With over three decades of immersion in the sport, Adam is a proud St. Louis native deeply committed to the growth and advancement of hockey players. He firmly believes that meticulous attention to the finer points of the game is what elevates an average player to greatness.

Adam’s coaching philosophy revolves around instilling a profound understanding of the physical dynamics of hockey and how they manifest in on-ice performance. His dedication is particularly evident in his work with women’s hockey, where he has steered numerous girls’ youth teams to triumphs in state and regional tournaments across the Midwest, spanning from C level to Tier 2 competitions.

In addition to coaching various teams, including a Tier 2 girls’ team, U18 AAA boys’ spring team, and local high school varsity and JV teams, Adam volunteers his time to lead a learn-to-play program for girls aged 4 and above.

Beyond the rink, Adam treasures his nearly two-decade-long marriage and is a proud parent to two children deeply entrenched in the hockey community. His son, a goaltender, currently competes in JR A with the USPHL, while his daughter plays center in Tier 2 hockey in the St. Louis area. Despite his busy coaching schedule, Adam finds solace in outdoor pursuits like camping, hunting, and fishing whenever time permits.