Hunter Marriott


Hunter Marriott | Apex Skating
Bio / Story

Meet Hunter Marriott, an R&D Consultant at Apex Hockey, bringing a unique blend of athletic prowess and academic excellence to our team. Originally hailing from Fall River, Nova Scotia, Hunter played elite-level basketball with Basketball Nova Scotia.

Hunter is a proud alumna of the University of Ottawa, where she earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Biomedical Mechanical Engineering. Her academic journey continued at Sheffield Hallam University, where she not only pursued a Master of Science in Sports Engineering but continued her athletic pursuits with the women’s varsity basketball team.

Passionate about injury prevention and rehabilitation, Hunter’s expertise extends to the realm of biomechanics in sports. Her groundbreaking research has led to her being recognized as an inventor on a patent outlining Return to Play guidelines specifically designed for lower body injuries. Beyond her academic and research pursuits, Hunter’s commitment to fostering a safer and more resilient athletic community is evident in her work with Apex Hockey.