Ryan DiMillo


Ryan DiMillo | Apex Skating
Bio / Story

Meet Ryan DiMillo, an esteemed on-ice performance coach at Apex Hockey, bringing a wealth of playing experience and passion for the game. Originating just outside Ottawa, Ryan’s hockey journey has been marked by dedication and skill development.

Ryan’s early years in hockey were spent navigating the competitive AA and AAA levels of youth hockey, setting the stage for a noteworthy transition to the Junior B circuit. Over the course of five years, he made impactful contributions to the Perth Blue Wings and Ottawa West Golden Knights hockey clubs, honing his skills and gaining valuable experience.

The pinnacle of Ryan’s junior hockey career came with a triumphant year in Junior A hockey, proudly donning the jersey of the Bradford Bulls. This experience further solidified his commitment to the sport and provided a platform for personal and athletic growth.

Post-junior hockey, Ryan embraced an international chapter in his career, playing in Sweden’s SHL League Division 2. Representing both Tibro IK and Sveg IK hockey clubs, he not only enriched his playing resume but also immersed himself in the unique and diverse hockey culture of Sweden.